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Appendix A: Cost Analysis

Use of fabric formwork for concrete columns, would result in savings for project owners, builders and contractors. Since in this study comparison was made between cardboard and fabric formwork, a cost evaluation was adapted from the industry to show the amount of savings when the two techniques are being employed [1]. This case study reviews cost analysis of column forms for a project in Aldergrove, BC. As seen in Table A1 and A2, the analysis compares the overall cost of a non-permeable commercially available column fabric formwork called Fast-Tube™ (Figure A1) to conventional cardboard formworks and Geotex 315ST used in this thesis. As seen in Table A2, comparing to cardboard formwork, cost analysis shows 72.2% reduction in cost for Fast-Tube™ and 89.8% for Geotex 315ST.

Table A1: Project detail used for cost analysisTable A2: Project detail used for cost analysisTable A3: General assumptions used for cost analysis of the project

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[1] Fab-Form Industries Ltd. 2009. http://fab-form.com/ (accessed August 11, 2009).

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